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Cater to Your Crown

Well Hello, You made it here. Thank you for stopping in. Come join our Care Gang. We have created a safe and fun space for all of us to share tips and stories that will motivate each and every one of us to begin to take CARE of ourselves, to continue to take CARE of ourselves, an to encourage others to take CARE of themselves.

Care Gang member receive a membership card that you show to receive special treatment, discounts, and deals on both products and hair services.

Definition of Care Gang:

A group that takes pride in taking care of themselves; mind, body, and soul. 

Membership Policy:

*There is a one time fee of $20  
*There is NO monthly or yearly dues 
*Requirements are as followed: 
        Participation ( Interaction on the forum, check in daily, and reach out to other members to keep them uplifted ans encouraged)
        Promotion ( Promote on all social media platforms that you may have, referrals are a must) 
        Vow to use our products.
*NO Membership Sharing
*You are responsible for keeping your account up to date. 
*There is NO contact, you can leave Care Gang at anytime with a detailed letter via email to
*We can terminate your membership at anytime if your not following the guidelines

Pay your membership fee and Register below to join the Care Gang. Make sure you follow all the steps.  We are excited to have you join. 

Join in on our forums below. We would love to read your thoughts.